Welcome to Hotel!

We are a clothing brand founded in 2023 by college friends Matt Baker and Kyle Zajdel. Driven by a mutual love for fashion and a collective vision of establishing our very own clothing brand. The inception of Hotel arose from a rare cancer diagnosis that Matt received in early 2022. This unexpected turn of events forced him out of work as he underwent treatment. This endeavor allowed us to transform an unexpected situation into a profound opportunity for growth and positivity.

The name "Hotel" was carefully chosen, embodying the concept of clothing as a getaway and the brand itself as a refuge from the conventional fashion landscape. This mantra struck a chord with Matt, particularly as he traverses through his treatment journey. Many days, he yearned for a momentary escape from reality. It became evident that the brand's purpose was to provide an avenue for everyone to find their own getaway. Hotel aims to be that sanctuary, acknowledging that each person carries their own burdens and desires, respite from the challenges of life.

We invite you to escape with us at Hotel. We strive to create clothing that not only makes you look good but also makes you feel good. We are grateful for your support and hope that our brand becomes your go-to getaway. Enjoy your stay!


Matt Baker and Kyle Zajdel

Co-founders of Hotel